I am more than excited to share this months post about faith.  I wrote about it 2 Years ago after seeing the movie Heaven is For Real and was inspired again after seeing the movie Miracles from Heaven.

••When I was little I use to tell people that I once “died and got back up again”. I never really  knew why I told people that until seeing Heaven is for Real with my mom.
When I was little and in the hospital constantly for my heart problem I was often in for long periods of time; my mom, bless her heart, was always by my side. She had a particular nurse that she adored. Nurse Robb would work doubles to care for me and sometimes switched his shifts and picked up extra shifts because he knew how much my mom trusted and found comfort in his presence for me. One of the many times I was in the hospital my mom had been by my side for hours, when Nurse Robb finally convinced her to go to the cafeteria to get herself something to eat and drink. Moments later my heart stopped, the doctors used the paddles and they had to resuscitate me. I was just a little baby, 5 months old at the time. 6 MONTHS OLD

But years later I told my mom in detail about the time I had ‘died and woke back up’.  I was able to tell her in detail that when it happened I saw her in the hospital cafeteria and that I saw daddy at work. I also told her who was in the room with me and that when I looked down I also saw my heart Doctor (Dr. Leonard Bailey) running towards the room I was in. All were true descriptions and exactly where my parents were when it happened. Gods timing is everything. His timing is perfect when it comes to relationships and the people he puts in our lives and the things he has others do for us. There was a reason that Nurse Robb urged her to leave the room and take a break, she said she wouldn’t have ever left my side if he wouldn’t have been there to watch over me.  If my mom would have been there to see me stop breathing, and would have had to watch the doctor’s resuscitate me, she said she wouldn’t have been able to handle it.  MOUSE AND MOMIf there’s only 3 things I’m certain in life it would be these 3 things. 1. Gods timing is perfect 2. He puts people in our lives for a reason, and the length of time they are in our lives there is also a reason for that timing & 3. Heaven is for real & Miracles Happen••

It is my dream to #findnurserobb from Loma Linda University Medical Center, California who changed my and my family’s lives.  I want him to know how much his presence has changed not only my life, but my family’s  as well, and I want to share with him how much his care as my nurse helped my health but most importantly  I want to THANK him for being such an integral part and instilling a beautiful kind of FAITH early on in my life.  He changed our lives and I want him to know how much I appreciate him for it.  Please help in sharing and helping us #findnurserobb #tricuspidatresia #miraclebaby #heavenisforreal #lomalindaunivesitymedicalcenter


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