IMG_5253[1]May 25, 2013
365 days ago today I was out celebrating and 365 days ago I was 3 months post my 4th open heart surgery. Ryan caught my eye, he came up to me, danced with me, and I tried scurrying away. He found me standing by the door, he introduced himself and in the first 10 minutes of us talking I tried scaring him away, I told him I had “baggage”, health issues baggage, that I was recuperating from surgery and that I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I told him he would be better off walking away, his response, “you told me all of this and I’m still standing here.”
Soon we became attached at the hip, in love and engaged; the happiest time of my life is now, since he has been in it. A man that is a gentleman and extremely good hearted and I cherish him everyday for it. I love him, and am most grateful for God and his incredible timing, it has been everything for us.


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